We can design and develop custom electronic circuits that you may require. Just tell us the functionality needed and we will do our best to use available technology resources in the market to make it work. May it be the simplest “hello world” devices such as blinking LEDs, or a data-gathering device that transfers data thru bluetooth or thru WIFI upto a circuit interfaces into a machine. Some of our past projects include Timers (timing devices), LED video boards configuration, yoyo with dynamic lights, thermally-activated Fan, SMS-integrated sensors, haptic sensing devices, laser-light-based sensors, infrared-based sensors, to name a few.


If you need a machine or a device with mechanical parts controlled by electronics and operated by software/code, a custom machinery or any of the likes, we can help you materialize your ideas thru our prototyping services. Some of our past works include: Mobots (mobile robots or bots with wheels), fire-seeking robots, line trackers, foot-measuring device (motor-controlled laser sensors), robotic arm (wireless, voice-command, pen-gesture-controlled, pneumatic-based), automatic feeds -dispensing machine, coin sorters, automatic wall painter, collision-detection mobots, cylindrical/spherical LED displays, automatic book finder, invisible ink printing machine configuration, and the Automatic Sand-Sifter and Cement-Mixing machine.

We have been developing (almost a hundred) prototypes for our clients ever since we have started and we have used different kinds of technologies just to achieve each goal. A mixture of classic and new techs are usually combined for a prototype to be developed. And it’s just a matter of the “mix-and-matchings” of these technologies that enable us to produce what is needed.

Sometimes, there would be a need for research during the development and testing of new technologies before something can be proven doable. It would really depend on the difficulty of the development and the availability of the resources before a particular module can be done. We do all that as long as its funded accordingly.